Let me introduce myself...

Hello, I am Evgenia. As Alain's spouse, I am very happy to be part of Alain Yves Gozzer - 360° Coaching with essential oils and to share my knowledge in this field.


I'm from St. Petersburg (Russia) and have lived in Switzerland since 2010. Love brought me here. However, as a "citizen of the world", national borders do not exist for me. With the technology available today, I would like to transport my fascination for essential oils beyond all national borders. Thanks to my language skills in German, Russian, English and Italian, there are almost no language barriers ;-)


With "Oel-la-la", I have found a funny name that fits me and my vision very well. 


How it came to this

Nature has incredible power and limitless potential. Every day we are allowed to experience this in different ways. Nature gives us nourishment and energy, calms and heals, it is our daily "everything". Unfortunately, humanity has become too disconnected from nature and lost a lot of valuable, ancient knowledge in the process.


I have always felt very connected to nature and have always been very open to discovering the gifts of Mother Earth. Thanks to my colleague Mara, I got to know essential oils in winter of 2020.


For many people it is considered a simple flavour for their home. Few people know about the infinite potential of these all-natural oils. I was also a little sceptical about it first, but open to get convinced. I wanted to gather my own experiences with my family first What I experienced in the first few months exceeded all my expectations. We were able to celebrate unbelievably fast healing successes in various areas. This was a great motivation for me and I began to deal more deeply with essential oils and to discover the manifold possibilities of use. My life changed in many ways. 


Before I officially started consulting in the field of essential oils, I continued my education and read countless books. I am aware that I have never finished learning - accordingly, I will not miss any opportunity to continue to deal with the exciting topics in the future.


I already feel ready to share my knowledge with the outside world and to introduce you to the world of essential oils. I am happy to share my knowledge with you and look forward to supporting you on your path and bringing even more health and well-being into your personal life. 

Why doTERRA?

The demand for essential oils is huge and constantly growing. Unfortunately, the growing demand also generates counterfeits and impure offers. It is very easy to get lost in these offers and then have unpleasant experiences. Only around 10 percent of all essential oils available on the market are really pure natural products. With doTERRA I don't have to worry about quality: From the sowing of the seeds to the delivery to your door, doTERRA attaches great importance to full transparency, sustainability and strict control meachanisms. With doTERRA, I have found an extremely reliable and convincing partner at my side.

My offer to you

It is my pleasure to familiarise you with the world of essential oils and to do so without any obligation from your side. For this purpose, I regularly conduct fine-smelling and free intros. There I will introduce you to the essential oils of doTERRA and their possibilities. Feel free to contact me and we will soon find an appointment that suits both sides. 

Non-binding intros on essential oils - register now

Would you like to learn more about the secrets of essential oils and their application? I offer regular 90-minute introductory sessions in which I reveal more and show you how you too can access the high-quality essential oils from doTERRA. 


The intros take place on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at 2.00 pm and on Friday mornings at 10 am.


Thank you in advance for registering via email or mobile.


On request I can also arrange an individual appointment with you and other interested people. Please feel free to contact me directly.


NEW: AromaTouch® application for body, mind & soul

I recently trained as an AromaTouch® specialist and now offer 60-minute sessions at CHF 99. You relax your body, mind and soul on a comfortable massage table. 8 high-quality doTERRA oils are used, which are gently applied in a specific order to the energy zones on your back and feet. To round off the treatment, you will also receive individual oils to inhale.


The purely natural technique developed by Dr. David K. Hill supports you holistically on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It strengthens your immune system, reduces stress, triggers a healthy inflammatory response, regenerates and cleanses the cells and has other health-promoting effects. 


I offer the AromaTouch® treatment on request on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and on Friday mornings.

Oil symphony for your cells and your health

Is your body in imbalance and are you experiencing health problems? I can support you on your way to recovery in a natural way. During the 30-minute treatment (CHF 49), I apply high-quality essential oils to your spine and feet in a specific order. I have a choice of 18 different protocols. With the help of the tensor, I can even test which one is the right one for you at the moment. Want to bet that you will feel better afterwards?


I will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Book your appointment now, preferably on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

Contact me

I am very happy to hear from you and to accompany you in the field of essential oils and to support you and your beloved ones on your way to even more health and well-being.  


Web: http://mydoterra.com/evgeniagozzer

E-Mail: oil-la-la@mail.ch

Mobile: +41 76 521 88 91 


Follow me on Instagram.